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Mavrovo is a tourist resort in the mountainous region of western Macedonia. It is located in the Mavrovo and RostuĊĦa municipality. Mavrovo is a destination for tourists throughout the year because of its skiing centre, national park and lake. The natural beauty of the local landscapes will enchant those who enjoy walking, cycling, hiking, swimming, and fishing. There are many weekend houses, inns and hotels offering accommodation for tourists all year round.

The region's location at Bistra mountain and the Lake Mavrovo have helped it grow into a year-round tourist center.

Mavrovo is the most popular ski center in Macedonia.

The ski center named Zare Lazareski has two double lift chairs, one single lift chair with over 1100 person capacity per hour, several ski lifts with synchronized connection and over 5000 person capacity per hour. The ski center was renovated recently, so the capacity of the ski lifts and the ski chairs is increased. The ski trails start at 1960m and end at 1250m above sea level. There are plans to build a ski jumping facility in Macedonia, possibly Mavrovo.

The Mavrovo lake lies at an altitude of 1220m. and its foundation began in 1953. It is 12 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide and covers an area of 13,3 square kilometers. The coast is 24 kilometers long. The deepest measured spot of the lake is 48 meters deep. There is a lot of fish such as: trout, minnows etc... Lots of fishermen come to fish at Mavrovo lake during the weekend.

Mavrovo Hotels

Mavrovo is a large ski resort and there are number of hotels and some of them are:

  • Hotel Bistra

  • Hotel Alpina

  • Hotel Srna

  • Hotel Radika

  • Hotel Lodge

  • Sport Hotel

Also there are around 250-300 weekend cottages opposite the ski-slopes.

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